What is the Apple IIGS?

It's the hybrid 8-bit/16-bit twenty year old computer I used (in emulation) to produce most of screenshots I have visually quoted in Hypothesis, as the protagonist played the games. And I am very happy to see Alex Lee reworking and revitalising his website on everything IIGS (pronounced 2-G-S); it's chockful of utilities and software, and though it's always been a good database, he's now added News, Blog, and Forums sections that I'm excited about. Alex was the very first person I contacted about KEGSlotDroppers and he received the first beta copy. It takes some very careful reading (most people don't pick up on it right away the way Alex did), but you can follow the story of the creation of KEGSlotDroppers here.

[Published originally at The Laroquod Experiment.]

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